Startwell is based on 7 key messages to support early years setting, parents/carers and health professionals, creating a healthier environment for our children.

Helping your children to eat healthily and to be active in the early years of their life is very important for their health as they grow up as an adult.  Early life experiences of a healthy lifestyle can make a big difference to the types of foods they choose and the amount and types of activity they do throughout life.   You can take action now to help improve your child’s future health.

At Bluesky, we have a wide range of activities which take place on a weekly basis to promote healthy lifestyle. Children have the opportunity get their daily exercise through soft play and playing with friends in the play ground. We also promote healthy eating at the setting, this is where children are provided fruits during snack time and vegetables during lunch time. At Bluesky, we have a strong belief a healthy lifestyle plays an important part in the early years of a children life. It is important for both parents and nurseries/school to demonstrate this.